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Your Stadium is Everywhere

Take control of your game, your stadium is everywhere. With the SmartBall you can measure your skills wherever you want. Connecting the World of Sports through Active gamification. Driven by our heritage and inspired by the possibilities of the future, we aspire to inspire!


The SmartBall

Download the SmartBall app on your mobile device. Unlock access to each of the SmartBall Worlds with an unique QR code. Once the app is unlocked your training begins. Scan the Power Up logo on the SmartBall and you are now ready to take on the World of Smartball gamification. Inspiring the future generations from grass roots to Pros through fun, futuristic, interactive game improvement right in your own home. Go Play!


Challenge the World of Smartball

With the specially developed ball, your phone tracks your movements exactly and keeps stats of your drills. Unlock the app by scanning the unique qr code!

Connect the Smartball to your mobile device, Create your personal avatar, practise skills, drills and ball control to get your game on point. Go Play!

start your challenge
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with our app


Challenge and beat the best

Connecting the World of Hockey through active gamification, the Smartball allows you to challenge the best from all over the World. Through live leaderboards become the Champion of your region, country or even the World.


Drills and Skills

Master your skills with all the drills of the World.

Search the cities of the globe to find new exercises that will improve your game.

Earn coins while mastering these skills which allow to pimp your avatar.


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Track your Stats and prove your skills

Track your skill level and follow your progress through the in app Stats centre.

All round game improvement data has never been so accessible. Pro level statistics instantly available on your phone.

Each time you complete a drill, share it with your friends and teammates with the prove-it button!

Prove your game is on point! Challenge the globe!

Group 17

Next level coaching Connect your team!

Connect your team with challenges and exercises to train away from the field. Training at home will be more fun and competitive than ever before. The Smartball app allows coaches to set training skills, drills and exercises which can be easily tracked through private live leaderboards. Get ahead of the rest. Get your team active.

Benchmark and then focus in your training

You get objective insight from team reports and you benchmark the players individually and as a team on Find out which players practice a lot and show the right mental strength. And discover which players need extra support during training in which learning objectives to become even better.


Gamification is the name of the game

Active Gamification encourages movement and exercise while improving motor development. Make sport fun through integration of active gaming into your training program. Guaranteed fun, guaranteed game improvement, guaranteed active gamification!

let’s challenge the globe.

With the specially developed Smartball, your phone tracks the balls movements and records your performance. Collaborating the ball is done seamlessly by scanning the Power up logo.

Power up and you are ready to get your game on point.